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Building Materials

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Whether you're adding on to an existing project or starting from scratch, we have a huge assortment of building materials to match your exact needs. Inside or outside, every project needs to consider what materials are necessary to bring the project to life. The important thing here is knowledge: knowledge of the capabilities of different materials, knowledge of how to best use and install your hardware, and knowledge of how the finished product will look.

Unless you are an expert on the subject already, our staff at Sticks & Stuff will most likely become your best friends, as they will be able to give you intelligent, down-to-earth advice on exactly what materials you'll need for your project. They may even be able to answer questions for you that you hadn't even thought of. With years of experience working on a variety of projects, our staff has seen what works where, and more importantly, how to get it to all come together.

Check out our helpful guide of some key building materials to consider for your project.


wood lumber framing material,pressure treated, engineered lumber, hardwood, cedars, and fir at sticks and stuff in vermont

The cornerstone of the building industry is certainly lumber and Stick & Stuff has you covered. From framing material to pressure treated, from engineered lumber to hardwood, cedars, and fir we have it all.


guardian fiberglass insulation at sticks and stuff vermont

Knauf Insulation, formerly Gaurdian Insulation, wants you to know that upgrading home insulation levels is not only a good way to help lower monthly utility bills, it adds to the overall comfort in your home. Insulation helps maintain a consistent temperature by reducing air leakage and resisting the flow of heat. Properly insulating your home not only saves money, but also will help reduce drafts and create a comfortable temperature inside no matter what the weather is outside. As energy prices continue to rise, it pays to insulate—in more ways than one. Adding more insulation to your home or building can put money in your pocket. In addition to lower utility bills, according to the EPA, for every $1 homeowners saved on annual fuel bills due to energy-efficient home improvements, their home's value jumped by $20 or more.


metal roofing and alphalt roofing shingles at sticks and stuff vermont

As a premier dealer for BP Roofing Shingles we carry the colors desired and the quantities needed to getting projects done from small to large. Metal is also a large portion of our roofing business and we are committed to offer customers the brands and colors sought after from quality manufacturers like Ideal Roofing,
Vic West
, Everlast and ABC Metal Roofing


fiber cement siding,vinyl siding and spruce or cedar wood siding at sticks and stuff vermont

Choices are what we offer here. If its fiber cement sidings you desire, we carry quality products from companies like CertainTeed or James Hardi. If it is the low maintenance of vinyl siding you prefer then stop by our shows to see all the great selections Georgia Pacific vinyl siding can offer you. We also stock wood sidings in spruce, primed spruce and cedar. 


Timbertech decking at sticks and stuff vermont

Your outdoor living space needs as much thought and attention as any other area in the house. One choice to consider is the beauty and ease of maintenance you get with Azek decking and railings. Our salespeople would be glad to walk you thru the choices and benefits of composite decking.


Duralife Decking

Only DuraLife gives homeowners the choice to select their favorite color at the performance and price level they desire.


PVC and Composite Trim

PVC and composite trim at sticks and stuff vermont

The choices made for exterior trim on your projects not only affect the overall look, but can also save you time and money on costly maintenance issues down the road. Royal PVC boards and moldings and Miratec composite boards are certainly two products worth considering.  


boral trim and exteriorA

  • The first and only Poly-ash trim product, consisting of
    a blend of proprietary polymers and coal combustion
    products (ash).
  • Poly-ash composition provides consistency throughout
    the material with virtually no moisture cycling+
    or expansion and contraction+.
  • Developed with years of rigorous internal and 3rd party
    testing, proven with thousands of installations.
  • Composed of more than 70% recycled materials.
  • Boral TruExterior® Trim is a product you can trust to
    provide exceptional performance, superior workability
    and a lasting appearance for exterior applications.
    An Excellent Exterior Trim Alternative
    Like Wood, Boral TruExterior® Trim…
    • is easy to handle (similar weight)
    • is reversible with an authentic wood grain and smooth side
    • is easy to cut, rout, drill and fasten
    • can be installed with the same tools


Midwest Fasteners at Sticks and Stuff Vermont

Founded in 1967, Midwest Fastener is still a family owned and operated business which supplies a full line of fastening hardware. From Automotive to Agricultural use, if you need to repair anything around your home, Midwest will have the correct hardware to get the job done. Sticks & Stuff carries an extensive amount of Midwest’ collection of items, if we do not have it in stock, we would be glad to order for you.

national hardware at sticks and stuff vermont

National Manufacturing Co. was started in 1901 as a small wagon company in Sterling, Illinois. The focus soon turned to manufacturing and selling general hardware and over the course of the next century, National Hardware grew to be one of the leaders in builders hardware. Today, the National Hardware brand has reached global status and offers more than 7,500 products. Our focus is on providing the best hardware and service to our valued customers. We carry a wide variety of National Hardware in all locations. Feel free to browse their web site, seek the product you need then call a Sticks & Stuff near you to verify inventory.