Sticks and Stuff, St Albans, Enosburg, and Middlesex Vermont

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St. Albans Store     (802) 524-2136     Fax (802) 524-6285

Operation Manager   Mark Deso Ext.224
Contractor Sales: Chad Prouty Ext.236
Pierre Letourneau Ext.233
Rick Lamarche Ext.217
Rob Lawrance Ext.238
Terry Fisher Ext.229
Tim Maskell Ext.232
Andrew Morley Ext.225
Tim Wellinger

Custom Millshop: Mark Deso Ext.224
Kitchen / Bath: Janice Valley Ext.219
Josh Gagne Ext.237
Michelle Lauzon Ext.211
Customer Service Kaylynne Airoldi Ext.242
Louise Guilmette Ext.210
Dj "Santa"Noel Ext.228
Jesse Putnam Ext.226
Floor Covering: Ray Benoit Ext. 215
Ray Ryan Ext.240
Credit Manager: Laura McHugh Ext.245
Accounts Payable: Karen Duffy Ext.212


Enosburg Store       (802) 933-5011           Fax (802) 933-8812

Assistant Store Manager David Vanslette      Ext.321
Contractor Sales: Dean Lumbra Ext.316
Morgan Long Ext.322
K / B & Flooring: Brian Smith Ext.311
Customer Service: Dale "Puffer" Lumbra Ext.313
Rose MacDurmon Ext.314
Accounts Payable: Jody Chevalier Ext.212


Middlesex Store          (802) 223-6393       Fax (802) 223-0674

Operations Manager   Bill Couture        Ext.418
Contractor Sales: Mike Ballantine Ext.415
Dan Johnson Ext.412
  Travis Hathaway Ext.414
K / B & Flooring Lee Frantz Ext.413
Customer Service: James Askew Ext.417
Accounts Payable: Jody Chevalier Ext.212


Derby Store         (802) 624-2220       Fax (802) 334-2281

Operations Manager  Derek Prue          Ext.521
Contractor Sales: Tim Nadeau Ext.522
Michael Nelson Ext.514
Mark Lemay Ext. 512
George Howard Ext.507
Pat Collins Ext.517
K / B & Flooring Elisa Lemieux Ext.510
Kitchen/bath Kylie Bowman      Ext.508
Customer Service: Sarah Barrington Ext.511
Accounts Payable: Jody Chevalier Ext.212



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