Sticks and Stuff, St Albans, Enosburg, and Middlesex Vermont

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St. Albans Store     (802) 524-2136     Fax (802) 524-6285

Operation Manager   Mark Deso Ext.224
Contractor Sales: Brad Alexander Ext.225
Terry Fisher Ext.229
Rick Lamarche Ext.217
Rob Lawrance Ext.238
Pierre Letourneau Ext.233
Tim Maskell Ext.232
Chad Prouty Ext.236
Tim Wellinger
Custom Millshop: Mark Deso Ext.224
Design Center: Ray Benoit Ext. 215
Josh Gagne Ext.237
Linda Lahaie Ext.291
Aliciah Putnam Ext.211
Ray Ryan Ext.240
Janice Valley Ext.219
Customer Service Kaylynne Airoldi Ext.242
Louise Guilmette Ext.210
Dj "Santa"Noel Ext.228
Jesse Putnam Ext.226
Credit Manager: Laura McHugh Ext.245
Accounts Payable: Karen Duffy Ext.212


Enosburg Store       (802) 933-5011           Fax (802) 933-8812

Contractor Sales: Robert Barnard310 Ext.310
Morgan Long Ext.322
Dean Lumbra Ext.316
Design Center: David Vanslette      Ext.321
Customer Service: Dale "Puffer" Lumbra Ext.313
Rose MacDurmon Ext.314
Accounts Payable: Jody Chevalier Ext.212


Middlesex Store          (802) 223-6393       Fax (802) 223-0674

Operations Manager   Bill Couture        Ext.418
Contractor Sales: Mike Ballantine Ext.415
  Travis Hathaway Ext.414
Design Center: Brian Smith Ext.419
Customer Service: James Askew Ext.417
Lee Frantz Ext.413
Accounts Payable: Jody Chevalier Ext.212


Derby Store         (802) 624-2220       Fax (802) 334-2281

Operations Manager  Derek Prue          Ext.521
Contractor Sales: Pat Collins Ext.517
Mark Lemay Ext. 512
Tim Nadeau Ext.522
Michael Nelson Ext.514
Trevor Racicot Ext.515
Design Center: Elisa Lemieux Ext.510
Customer Service: Sarah Barrington Ext.511
  Spencer Curtis Ext.513
Accounts Payable: Jody Chevalier Ext.212



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